Back Issues - 1996

Summer 1996
Volume 1   Number 1   PDF icon summer 1996 (view/download PDF)

  2    The Importance of Being Alpha by Joan Belle Isle
  3    What Is My Greyhound Trying To Tell Me? by Marcia Herman
  7    A Nutrients Primer by Kathleen Brockway-Steen
  9    What My Dogs Eat by Ann Penfield
10    Book Review: Greyhounds by Joan Dillon
12    Thunderstorm Phobia: Or Pass the Prozac, Please! by Helane Graustark
14    The National Animal Poison Control Center: What to Do If You Think Your Pet's Been Poisoned by Susan Riegel
16    Living With An Epileptic Pet by Lori Mohr
18    Your Questions Answered by Joan Dillon
19    When Is It Time To Say Good-bye? by Patricia Gail Burnham
21    Hounds and Sounds by Lori Lazetera
22    Worms, Worms, and More Worms! by Ann E. Kenney
23    It's War!: Combating Ticks by Cindy Tittle-Moore
24    Tick Testing: Why Bother? by Lynda Adame
24    Greyhounds Sail With Captain Cook by Joan Dillon
25    What Do Titers Mean? by Bob Wilson
26    The Greyhound Marketplace

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You're Invited-Calendar of Events

Fall 1996
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  1    Your Questions Answered by Joan Dillon
  2    5,000 Years - For a Single Purpose by Stuart McClean
  3    Hero Hound Saves Owner From Fire by Marcia Herman
  4    Trouble On the Trail by Laurel Drew
  5    Update On the Prozac Pup by Helane Graustark
  6    CG Readers Speak Out
  7    In Praise of the Much Maligned Muzzle by Stef Brandon
  8    Greyhound Gas and Proper Weight by Ann E. Kenny
  9    Spooks by Ann Smith
10    Book Review: Moose, Bruce and the Goose by Joan Dillon
10    Fleas Bite the Dust by Marcia Herman
11    Unraveling Your Greyhound's Past by Lynda Adame
12    Who Will Care For My Pets? by Janet Barrick, Esq.
16    Home Alone: Your Dog Newsletter - Tufts University     
18    I Am Flexed Up by Lori Lazetera
19    Doggie Daycare by Judy Koehler
20    Interview With a Pet-Sitter by Jody Frederick
21    The Christmas Rescue Greyhound--The Uncut Version by Patricia Gail Burnham
24    The Mystery of Fetch-and-Retrieve by Wendy Cassetta
25    Skine-eze Can Stop Your Dog's Ssscratching! by Ross Becker, Good Dog! Magazine
27    Pack Behavior by Lilian Barber
28    You're Invited-Upcoming Greyhound Events

Winter 1996
Volume 1   Number 3   PDF icon winter 1996 (view/download PDF)

  1    Regular Feature: Your Questions Answered by Joan Dillon
  2    Behavior: Help! My Dog Just Ate My Couch! by Gemini Dog Training Series, Ayer, Massachusetts
  4    Physiology: Physiological Aspects of Separation Anxiety by Lynda Adame
  5    Hero Hound: Jack: A Rescued Greyhound Rescues Owner by Marcia Herman
  6    The Lawyer Is In: Insurance and Your Greyhound by Janet Barrick. Esq.
  8    Prey Drive: Controlling a High-Prey Grey by Jody Frederick
  9    Book Review: Child-Proofing Your Dog by Joan Dillon
10    Regular Column: Site Hounds by Bruce Skinner
11    Letters: CG Readers Speak Out
12    Medical: The Heart of the Matter by Helane Graustark
15    First Aid: CPR by Lori Mohr
16    A Very Special Greyhound: Love Conquers by Laurel E. Drew
18    Safety: Avoiding Tragedy: How Safe Is an Off-Lead Run? by Patricia Gail Burnham
20    Hound Humor: Greyhound HEART... by Lori Lazetera    
21    Training: Obedience Training for Retired Racing Greyhounds by Katherine Crawford
22    Behavior: Martha Norwalk Speaks About Greyhounds by Ann E. Kenny
24    Care and Feeding: Get Well Soon! Using diet to help convalescing dogs have a speedy recovery by Susan Donoghue, VMD
26    Corrigans' Crafts: Make a Greyhound Coat by Jack and Amy Corrigan of Greyhound Manor Crafts, Inc.
28    For the Youngsters: KALYKI and JOJO Liliane A. Goldman, Writer/Artist
30    Regular Feature: Greyhound Marketplace 

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Messages About Celebrating Greyhounds: The Magazine