Back Issues - 1997

Spring 1997
Volume 2   Number 1   PDF icon spring 1997 (view/download PDF)

  1 Your Questions Answered by Joan Dillon
  2 CG Readers Speak Out
  3 Hero Hound: Fella Foils a Thief! Marcia Herman
  4 Life in the Pack: Greyhounds Are Like Potato Chips by Ann E. Kenny
  6 Separation Anxiety: Invasion of the Cube (from a Human Perspective) by Joan Dillon
  7 Separation Anxiety: Invasion of the Cube (from a Greyhound Perspective) by Jody Frederick
  8 Greyhounds in History: Twelfth Century Greyhounds in Merry Old England by Laurel E. Drew
10    Site Hounds by Bruce Skinner
11    A Very Special Greyhound: Remembering Shooter by Cynthia A Branigan
14    Unsung Heroes: Cats Who Test the Dogs Bear and Marty -- Staring Fear In The Face by Lynda Adame
16    Medical: The Renal System of the Greyhound by Helane Graustark
18    First Aid: Tail Bandaging Tips by Patricia Gail Burnham
20    A Progress Report: A Work In Progress Celebrating Greyhounds: The Magazine
20    Subscription Form 

Travel Feature Section

21    By Motor Vehicle: Have Hound, Will Travel by Lori Lazetera
24    "Stay" in the Vehicle: I Can Only Know What You Teach Me by K. L. Gilley    
26    Travel By RV Make A Portable Pen For Your RV by John Cram
28    Travel Helpers Helpful To Know When On The Road by Staff
29    Travel By Air Your Jet-Setting Greyhound by Janet R. Barrick, Esq.
34    (Far Beyond) Basic Housetraining Cajun and the Joy of Jockstraps by Maureen Nelms
36    Corrigans' Crafts: Decorate Your Home With Greyhounds! by Jack and Amy Corrigan
38    The Greyhound Marketplace

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You're Invited--1997 Lure Coursing Information from The Garden State (NJ) Sight Hound Association and Reunions

Summer 1997
Volume 2   Number 2   PDF icon summer 1997 (view/download PDF)

Regular Columns

  2    Your Questions Answered by Joan Dillon
  3    CG Readers Speak Out
  8    Site Hounds by Bruce Skinner
42    Greyhound Marketplace

Regular Features

  5    Hero Hound Niles: My Hero by Connie Cassidy
  9    Book Reviews
Volunteering With Your Pet and Career Success With Pets by Kim Roehring
40    Corrigans' Crafts: Greyhound Appliqués by Jack and Amy Corrigan


36    On the Road with Pharaoh and Phoebe by Eliana Siciliano
38    Gone to the Dogs by Eloise Danniel

Adoption and Rescue

  7    Kennel Pups by Carla Trottier

Alternative Medicine

20    Why Use Acupuncture? by Julia Carter, DVM

Care and Feeding: Special Feature

  6    Sharks to the Rescue by Kathy and Jerry Dubuque
10    Flea Products: How dangerous are they? by Ross Becker, Good Dog! Magazine

First Aid

18    Spinal Injury: Take it Seriously by Craig Cerreta


34    The World of Clicker Training by Jody Frederick    

Feature Section: Life At Home


26    Handling Dominance with Subtlety by Joan Dillon


24    Call the Manager! New Dog Dilemmas by Lori Lazetera

Care and Feeding

31    Leaving your Dog at a Boarding Kennel by Terril Schukraft


22    Homelife in Ancient Greece by Laurel E. Drew


28    Hold That Auger! by Janet Barrick


27    A Good Fence is the Best Defense by Patricia Gail Burnham

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You're Invited-Calendar of greyhound events

Fall 1997
Volume 2   Number 3   PDF icon fall_1997.pdf

Regular Columns

  2    Your Questions Answered by Joan Dillon
  3    CG Readers Speak Out
  8    Site Hounds by Bruce Skinner
51    Greyhound Marketplace

Regular Features

  6    Hero Hound: Sophie's Career by Judy Price
  9    Book Review: Denise Como's So You Want To Run Your Sighthound reviewed by Laurel E. Drew
46    Corrigans' Crafts: Greyhound Costumes by Jack and Amy Corrigan
50    A Look at Cynthia Branigan's New Book, The Reign of The Greyhound by Joan Dillon

A Very Special Greyhound

15    An Oxymoron: Money and her Bunnies by Kim Roehring


12    When Your Greyhound's Personality Changes by Jeanette Steiner


41    Regular Nail Maintenance: A Must! by Jody Frederick


42    Insights into Pet Food by Joy Axe


38    The Greyhound...Lord of the Dogges by Joyce Rushen

Life Stages

26    Kira's Story: Part 1 - the Prologue From Courtship to Whelping Day by Patricia Gail Burnham

Medical Management

18    Domino's Seizures by Carol Reynolds
20    Motion Sickness in Greyhounds by Alma Katsu


23    You Know Urine Trouble When... by Helane Graustark    


10    Help! My Dog is Lost! by Ann E. Kenny
16    Anti-Freeze: Where You Least Expect It by Joan Dillon
22    Emergency Planning for You and Your Animals by Maureen Nelms

For The Youngsters

44    Turbo: My Thunderpup by Marcia Wood

Feature Section: Greyhounds In Action - Agility

30    We are the Champions! by Kate Crawford

Amateur Racing

32    The Little-Known World of Amateur Racing by Steve Wall

Lure Coursing: A Humorous Look

29    Lure Coursing: The Sport for Unfit Humans by Terrill Schukraft


34    Tracking with Greyhounds by Patricia Gail Burnham


17    DogGone™ A Newsletter for People Who Travel with Dogs by Joan Dillon
36    "B and B's" For You and Your Greyhound by Tracey Campbell

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You're Invited- Calendar of greyhound events

Winter 1997
Volume 2   Number 4   PDF icon winter 1997 (view/download PDF)

Regular Columns

  2 Your Questions Answered: How Safe is Advantage? by Joan Dillon
  3 CG Readers Speak Out
  8 Site Hounds by Bruce Skinner
46    Greyhound Marketplace

Regular Features

  8 Book Talk: Culture Clash reviewed by Jody Frederick
44    Corrigans' Crafts: Shake, Shake, Shake Your Bootie by Jack and Amy Corrigan
13    Greyhound Trivia: Presidential Greyhounds by Joan Dillon
  7 Hero Hound Niles: Once, Twice, Three Times a Hero by Connie Cassidy
  6 House Calls: Common Conditions of Old Greyhounds by Julia Carter, DVM


14    Greyhounds Who Serve: The Canine Working Companions "Greyhound Project" Service Dogs by Kathy Helmke

Adoption and Rescue

16    Wings for Greyhounds by Maggie McCurry
43    Jodi's Choice by Jill Agner


12    Dog-Gone it! by Deborah Evans

Life Stages: The First Week

21    Kira: Part II - Life's Triumphs by Patricia Gail Burnham


19    Panty, Queasy, and Fainty by Lynda Adame


10    Anesthesia in Greyhounds by Regina Downey, DVM
20    Canine Asthma by Missy Taft

Feature Section: Special Needs Dogs

27    Savanna's Story: A Cancer Amputee by Kim Campbell Thornton    
38    Cougar's Courage: A Courageous Blind Dog by Annette Beach
40    Tauren's Unusual Condition: Diabetes Insipidus by Lori Lazetera

Feature Section: Older Dogs

36    Games for Old Greyhounds by Kate Crawford


28    Adopted at Eleven: Sadie's Saga by Cara Brockhoff

Care and Feeding

30    Taking Care of Mamie by Kate Bressler
32    Golden Year Greyhounds by Lynda Adame
34    Tips on Caring for Older Dogs

Collective Wisdom compiled by Maureen Nelms

36    Build a Greyhound Litter Box by Cathy Feltych
42    Mmmmmm Good: Special Recipes for Special Needs and Old Dogs by Eloise Danniels

Geriatric Medicine

  6 House Calls: Common Problems in Older Greyhounds by Julia Carter, DVM
18    Veterinary Care for the Veteran Greyhound by Helane Graustark

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