Back Issues - 1999

Spring 1999
Volume 4   Number 1   PDF icon spring 1999 (view/download pdf)


2 Your Questions Answered
3 CG Readers Speak Out
7 Site Hounds by Bruce Skinner
48 Greyhound Project News and In Memoriam
49 Yikes! Cripes! We Need Help!
51 Greyhound Marketplace


6 Hero Hound: Pipp’s Yip! Saved Some Lives by Lucy Rusnak
8 Book Talk: Housebreak Any Dog reviewed by Laurel E. Drew
9 House Calls: Hermaphrodites by Julia Carter, DVM
10 Hall of Fame Greyhounds Traffic Officer: Grandaddy of Them All by Laurel E. Drew
11 New Feature! Let Me Tell You About My Greyhounds....Toby and Sara Go For a Ride by Pat Hall
44 Greyhound Trivia: Custer’s Greyhounds by Joan Dillon
46 Corrigans’ Crafts: Fancy Collars by Jack and Amy Corrigan
50 Cartoon: Greyhound Humor by Bruce DeKing


12 The Love of a Hound: Daquiri — The Greyhound Who Must Care for Sick Greyhounds by Anna Roberts


14 Pack Behavior — Alpha to Omega: Everybody’s Gotta Be Somewhere by Lynda Adame
16 Separation Anxiety: Valentino 7’s Story by Megan Robertson
18 Separation Anxiety: A Veterinarian’s Viewpoint Taming Separation Anxiety by Dr. Cory Ceperich and Stacy W. Messinger


20 Clean as a Hound’s Tooth by Rodger Barr, DVM
22 Home Dental Care for your Greyhound by Lauren Emery GROOMING
34 Shedding Light on Greyhound Grooming by Maureen Nelms


36 Star Trek with Greyhounds by Patricia Gail Burnham


38 Greyhounds in Nursing Homes by Lucinda Custer with Kay McNelis
40 Lulu — A Home-Trained Service Greyhound by Robin Peters


42 Thinking Like a Dog by Stef Brandon


26 Rainbow Colors — Rainbow Greyhounds by Patricia Gail Burnham

Inside Back Cover

You’re Invited: Calendar of Greyhound Events

Summer 1999
Volume 4   Number 2   PDF icon summer 1999 (view/download pdf)


2 Editorial Comments
3 CG Readers Speak Out
5 Your Questions Answered
5 In Plain English (a translation of vetspeak) More About Malignant Hyperthermia By Helane Graustark
7 Site Hounds by Bruce Skinner
37 In Memoriam
44 The Greyhounds Go To Dewey Beach
48 Greyhound Project News
49 CG Calendar and Subscription Info
51 Greyhound Marketplace


6 Hero Hound — Raising Aimee: A Group Effort by Michele Carnevale
8 Book Talk: Swiftly reviewed by Joan Dillon
9 House Calls: Food — What Else Can I Do? by Julia Carter, DVM
33 Hall of Fame Greyhounds: Rural Rube — Racing Legend by Laurel E. Drew
17 Greyhound Trivia: Eos — Beloved Greyhound of HRH Prince Albert by Joan Dillon
46 Corrigans’ Crafts: The Greyt Crate Sofa Table by Jack and Amy Corrigan


41 Activities: Greyhound Play Groups by Alma Katsu
12 Adoption and Rescue: From the Mebane Couch by Jordan Mebane
10 At your Service: From the Racetrack to the Hearts of Those in Need by Julie Page Reimann
14 Behavior and Communications: No Fear/No Pain Methods of Discipline by Kathleen Gilley
22 All in the Family: Kids, Dogs, and Keeping the Peace! by Lynda Adame
18 Care: Adapting to Blindness by Lauren Emery
34 Humor: Turbo Visits the Hall of Fame by Marcia Wood
38 Life Stages 9: The Fight — Kira Leaves the Litter by Patricia Gail Burnham


25 The Art of Animal Communication — New Age or New Tool? by Carla Pickering and Lori Lazetera


29 Waterloo — A Coursing Pilgrimage: Part One by Pam Davis and John Parker

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You’re Invited: Calendar of Greyhound Events

Fall 1999
Volume 4   Number 3   PDF icon fall 1999 (view/download pdf)


8 Hero Hound - Santana and Tristan: Greyhound Watchdogs Extraordinarie by Knut Torvik and Michele Larsen
9 Hall of Fame: P’s Rambling by Laurel Drew
10 Greyhound Trivia: A Dog That Saved a Town by Joan Dillon
36 Greyhound Humor Cartoon by Bruce DeKing
41 House Calls: On Pain Management by Julia Carter, DVM
42 Corrigans’ Crafts: Make a PVC Exercise Pen by Jack and Amy Corrigan


2 CG Readers Speak Out
4 In Plain English: Lyme Disease by Helane Graustark, PA
5 Editorial Comments
6 Book Talk: Canine Sports Medicine and Surgery reviewed by Nancy Beach
7 Video Talk: Pet Emergency First Aid: Dogs reviewed by Lauren Emery
44 Greyhound Project News; In Memoriam
46 Greyhound Marketplace
56 You're Invited


11 History in Action: Waterloo — A Coursing Pilgrimage Part Two by Pam Davis and John Parker
14 Training: To Pee or Not to Pee: Where is the Question? by Lynda Adame
17 Behavior and Training: No Fear/No Pain Methods of Discipline: Part Two by Kathleen Gilley
19 Safety—The Leash: The Canine-Human Connection by Lauren Emery
21 Physiology: The Sense of Taste-Dogs Take the Bitter with the Sweet by D.Caroline Coile, PhD.
25 Adoption Photo Essay: Adoption Volunteers Meet the Hauler by Michele Carnevale
31 Life Stages 10: Adventures With Ringo by Patricia Gail Burnham
35 Helping a Cancer Patient: Josie’s Cancer Survival Story…by Sharon and Art Stefanski
37 First Aid: Take a Pet First Aid Course by Maria Borowski
39 First Aid: Keeping Your Greyhound in Stitches by Maureen Nelms
45 Humor: The Greyhound Guide to Sleep by Lori Lazetera

Winter 1999
Volume 4   Number 4   PDF icon winter 1999 (view/download pdf)


7 Hero Hound: Molly and Sarah Put Smiles Back On Depressed Owner
8 Hall of Fame Greyhounds: Kinto Nebo — Poor Racer, Good Mom
52 House Calls: The Mysterious Vestibular Diseases
53 Corrigans’ Crafts: Quick Hound Toys


2 CG Readers Speak Out
5 Questions Answered
5 Editorial Comments
6 Book Talk: Leader of the Pack
56 Greyhound Project News
57 Greyhound Marketplace
64 You're Invited


9 Fiction -- Azor: A Fictional Tale
12 History: The Dogs of the Tournament of Roses
16 Life Stages 11: Sheena and Spode Face Tumors
20 Living with Greyhounds: Selling a House When It's Gone to the Dogs
22 Living with Greyhounds: What Shane Taught Me
24 Activities: Stealth, My Flyball Greyhound
26 Speaking of Adoptions: Who's on First?
31 Speaking of Adoptions: Twelve Fewer Dogs
35 Speaking of Adoptions: Why Don't We Talk About What Our Dogs Really Are?
36 Speaking of Adoptions: Seniors Adopting Greyhounds.
38 Service Hounds: Bob: The Incredible Blind Therapy Greyhound
40 Alternative Medicine: Using Acupuncture To Make Your Greyhound Feel Younger
42 Medical: New Medications for Older Dogs: Anipryl and Rimadyl
44 Behavior & Training: Correcting Unwanted Behavior. Part 3 on how to train your newly adopted hound.
48 Physiology: Senses Over Time Dog Senses Pass the Test of Time