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You may send your letter via email to If you would like your letter to be published, please limit length to 250 words or fewer and include your full name and location. Inform the Editor if you wish to include a photograph with your letter and await follow-up instructions for submitting your image file. Please do not include unsolicited attachments with your email.

Letters may be edited for brevity and/or clarity. We regret that we cannot publish every letter.

Note that comments posted on our Facebook page ( may also be selected for publication as Letters in Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine.

Please review the Submission Guidelines.

The preferred procedure for submitting an article is to send an initial email inquiry to the Editor at After the Editor has accepted your proposal, you will receive a confirmation email containing instructions for electronic submission of your article text and any supporting media files. Please do not send email containing unsolicited attachments.

If at all possible, please plan to submit content for CG Magazine electronically. If electronic submission is not possible, you may send your article or other content via postal mail to:

CG Magazine
Attn: Editor
PO Box 5239
Framingham, MA  01701

Please review the Photo Submission Guidelines.

As with article submission, the preferred procedure for submitting all visual content (photographs, videos, or other artwork) is to send an initial email inquiry to the Editor at If the Editor agrees, you will receive a confirmation email containing instructions for electronic submission of your photo or video files. Please do not send unsolicited photos as email attachments.

Photographs that were originally acquired as high-resolution (minimum 300 ppi at 5" x 7") digital images are best. Acceptable formats for photos are high-quality JPEG (.jpg) and uncompressed TIFF (.tif) files.

Videos intended for publication should be submitted as .mp4, .avi, .mov, or .flv files.

Please observe the file naming conventions specified in the Submission Guidelines. Do not use filenames containing slashes (/, \) or special characters.

Each photo or video must be accompanied by text (at the end of an article or as a separate document) clearly identifying the associated image file and listing the following information:

  • Name of dog(s)
  • Name of adopter(s)
  • Location in which the adopter and dog live
  • Name of photographer or videographer (if not the adopter)

If the photographer, artist, or videographer is anyone other than the sender, obtain the artist’s permission prior to submitting. Photos or videos received without complete identifying information will not be considered for publication.

Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine maintains a stock file of visual content for general use and will always welcome beautiful images of Greyhounds. If you have high-resolution photographs or good quality video and are interested in providing these materials for our stock file, please contact the Editor to discuss your submission.

If you would like to submit photographs for the Celebrating Greyhounds Calendar, you must send them directly to the calendar at:

Celebrating Greyhounds Calendar
The Greyhound Project
PO Box 5239
Framingham, MA  01701

Send your reprint request to The editor will forward your request to the author. Authors will respond and/or grant reprint permission at their discretion. Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine does not own, sell, or supply article reprints.

Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine offers a free, major events listing service in our "You're Invited" section.  We list events (e.g., reunions, picnics, and benefits) on a first-come, first-served basis as space permits.

The deadlines are as follows:

Month of your event Deadline CG Issue
MAR through JUL January 15 Spring
JUN through OCT April 15 Summer
SEPT through JAN July 15 Fall
DEC through APR October 15 Winter

If we can list your event in more than one issue, we will, space permitting.  (For example, an event scheduled in April could be listed in the Winter and Spring issues.)

Please send the details of your event to in the following format (no narratives, please):

  • Day/date of event
  • Name of event
  • Hours
  • Name of your group
  • Location of event
  • BRIEF description of event
  • Contact person(s) with phone and e-mail address
  • URL for event website