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Moose, Bruce and the Goose

Robert Scott McKinnon [Revised edition 1996 (paperback); First published 1969 (hard cover)]

Moose, Bruce and the Goose is about the journey of a retired Greyhound.

Available from National Greyhound Association, Abilene, Kansas $10 (includes shipping)

*Adoption Groups: This book is available for bulk purchases directly from the publisher: More Information.

My Greyhound Friend

Nora Star. [Send $5.95 to Nora Star, 9278 Tenaya Way, Kelseyville, CA 95451, 707-277-9167]

A children's story for all ages that explores a seven year old boy's exposure (through his enlightened grandmother) to the world ofdog racing, greyhound adoption and the issues inherent in both. This twelve-page booklet by Nora Star with black and white photographs of her graceful dogs beautifully illustrates the need for greyhound adoptions and their potential as wonderful pets.'

'The proceeds from My Greyhound Friend directly benefits the dogs by finding them homes'

Hound Heaven

Linda Oatman High
Published by: 
Holiday House
Published date: 
Oct 1995

After her parents and baby sister are killed in a car accident, Silver Nickles longs for a dog to help fill the void left by their deaths. Her grandfather refuses to buy her one, but eventually, through a combination of faith, hard work, and luck, Silver adopts a greyhound. High tells the story in a rural mountain dialect and includes plenty of details to make the characters and setting come to life. -- Copyright © 1996 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.

For Lucky's Sake

Phyllis Karas
Published by: 
Published date: 
Jul 1st 1997

After a tragic fire kills two greyhounds that used to live at his mother's animal shelter, 12-year-old Benjy is determined to find the cruel culprit whom he believes set the fire intentionally. His search takes him to a medical research lab, but the more Benjy tries to right the wrongs, the more he finds there are two sides to every story.

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