Career Success with Pets

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Kim Roehring

Many people these days are leaving their old jobs and expanding their career opportunities. They are opening their own businesses. Unfortunately many businesses fail due to the lack of planning of an operation, poor marketing and advertising, or inefficient use of resources. Kim Barber has written a book that all pet lovers can use as a reference guide to plan for their "new" career. She offers advice to get started and to stay in business in the areas of Kennel Management, Pet Supply Shop, Pet Sitting, Animal Photography and much more. Kim gives quick checklists to use in the planning and layout of your facility as well as lists of needed equipment. An invaluable reference. 

Kim Roehring writes book reviews for I Love Cats and lives with her five-year old greyhound, Money. Money just earned her CGC and is a TDI participant. Kim's has three Labradors, three cats, three horses and sixty-three rabbits which she breeds and shows. Money goes on rabbit show trips with me. I am an LD teacher at a Middle School and hope to incorporate Money into one of the Special Education programs we have at our school. Although we are not members of a greyhound adoptation group, Money and I are active in dog adoption through one of the pet assistance leagues here in Virginia. 

Reprinted with permission from Celebrating Greyhounds: The Magazine, Summer, 1997. © Kim Roehring

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Career Success with Pets
Kim Barber
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MacMillan General Reference, New York, New York
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Career Success with Pets