Child Proofing Your Dog

Reviewed by: 
Joan Dillon

If you already have a dog and are expecting a baby, already have kids and want to get a dog, or already have kids and dogs and want to improve the status quo, then this is the book for you. 

To quote the authors, Childproofing is about preventing the preventable as much as that is humanly possible. Thats exactly what this book is about. It is no promise that your dog or any other dog will never harm a child. But it does give you many steps and exercises that you can do with your dog and your child to help them avoid some of the most common problems. 

This book will help you to train your dog to deal with children in ways that are both easy to understand and fun to do. It will also provide you with a good foundation for understanding and communicating with your dog. 

As far as I am concerned this book is the Bible for dealing with kid and dog problems. It covers everything from getting your dog ready to accept a new baby to avoiding problems when bringing the baby home. It covers the subjects of dogs and toddlers and dogs and small children. It even gives instructions for various games for children to play with their dog which will help the dog to understand its proper place in the family. In addition, there is also a section on dogproofing your child to help them understand the rules to follow in dealing with strange dogs. 

Brian Kilcommons is one of the countrys foremost dog trainers as well as the only American to study under the renowned Barbara Woodhouse. He was also the official trainer for the PBS series, The Gentle Doctor: Veterinary Medicine. 

This book provides wonderful insight into the reasons why dogs act the way they do around children as well as ways for dealing with any potential problems before they become major problems. Highly recommended.

Reprinted with permission from Celebrating Greyhounds: The Magazine, Winter, 1996. © Joan Dillon

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Childproofing Your Dog
A Complete Guide to Preparing Your Dog for the Children in Your Life
Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson
Published by: 
Warner Books
Apr 1st 1994

Master dog trainer and author of Good Owners, Great Dogs, Brian Kilcommons shows readers how to encourage children and dogs to be perfect companions, in a comprehensive manual that demonstrates how to train an older dog to acept an infant, choose the right breed, and more

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Child Proofing Your Dog