Volunteering with Your Pet

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Kim Roehring

Volunteering With Your Pet gives in-depth information concerning the field of Animal-Assisted Therapy. Mary R Burch, Ph.D. leads the reader through the different elements of getting started in Animal-Assisted Therapy, where to volunteer and how to put together your own program. A major portion of the book gives you a list of not only where to volunteer you and your pet, but also what to expect in these settings, exactly how to deal with the clients and skills you can teach or benefits of pet therapy in that particular setting. While the book deals mainly with dogs and their training, there is a very section concerning the merits of Greyhounds as Therapy Dogs. Dr. Burch also gives you the names and addresses of organizations that are involved in Animal-Assisted Therapy. An added feature to this book is a section that deals with insurance needs and the future of Animal-Assisted Therapy.

Reprinted with permission from Celebrating Greyhounds: The Magazine, Summer, 1997. © Kim Roehring

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Volunteering With Your Pet

How to Get Involved in Animal-Assisted Therapy With Any Kind of Pet
Mary R. Burch
Published by: 
Howell Book House
May 1st 1996

Animals make an incredible difference in a lot of people's lives, and people who bring their pets to people in need often witness miracles. Whether it's a bird or a dog, whether its a prisoner or a kindergartener, there are ways in which all sorts of pets can help all sorts of people. This book discusses all the elements of animal-assisted therapy so that readers can learn what it takes to get involved and make a difference.

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